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Panel Name:
Test Name:
CA 19-9
Panel Tests:
LIS Test Code:C1991
Synonyms: Carbohydrate Antigen
Department:Laboratory Medicine
Lab Area:Chemistry
TAT:1-7 days
 Specimen Collection


Container:Red/Yellow Rim 4mL SST

Micro. Container:

Collection Instructions:

Delivery Instructions:Send specimen to 2C324 or Tube Station 321
Specimen Type: Blood
Frequency / Restrictions:
 Expected Values/Results

Ranges and Interpretation:

CA 19-9  U/mL  (SI:  kU/L = 1.0 x U/mL)
Performed at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda MD
Effective 15Dec11 – present:  <35

Organisms Reported:

Alert Limits:

 Additional Test Information



Electrochemiluminescent assay on Roche Cobas e601 analyzer.


The measured CA 19-9 value of a patient's sample can vary depending on the testing procedure used.  CA 19-9 values determined by different testing procedures cannot be directly compared to one another and could cause erroneous medical interpretations.

Archived Ranges:Historical Reference Ranges


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