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Panel Name:
Test Name:
Hypercoagulable Panel
Panel Tests:Protime, PTT, Fibrinogen, Thrombin Time, Protein C, Protein S, Antithrombin III, Lupus, FV Leiden, Prothrombin 20210, Homocysteine
Synonyms: HyperCoag Panel
Department:Laboratory Medicine
Lab Area:Hematology
 Specimen Collection


Container:Light Blue (4.5mL Use Glass Tube ONLY) on ice
Light Lavender
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Micro. Container:

Collection Instructions:

Call Hematology Consultant for approval at 102-15845.
Collect 2 light blue-top tubes on ice (for coagulation tests) and send to lab on wet ice.
Collect 2 lavenders (one for Homocysteine - fasting specimen; and one for Factor V Leiden and Prothrombin 20210).

Delivery Instructions:Send specimen on wet ice to 2C324 or Tube Station 321
Specimen Type: Blood
Frequency / Restrictions:
 Expected Values/Results

Ranges and Interpretation:

Hypercoagulable Panel
Performed at National Institutes of Health, Bethesda MD
Effective 07Apr08 - present:
Protime, Automated     11.6 - 15.2 seconds
PTT, Automated          25.3 - 37.3 seconds
Effective 24Oct07 - present:
Fibrinogen, Auto.          177 - 466 mg/dL
Thrombin Time, Auto.    14.4 -19.3 seconds
Protein C                      59 - 144 %
Protein S                      55 - 134 %
Antithrombin III              57 - 134 %
Effective 11Jun09 - present:
Lupus                           Negative
FV Leiden                     Negative
Prothrombin 20210         Negative
Homocysteine                0-13 mcmol/L
Page Hematology Fellow at 102-15845 for result interpretation.

Organisms Reported:

Alert Limits:

Protime             >36 seconds
PTT                  >80 seconds
Fibrinogen        <100 mg/dL
Thrombin Time  >60 seconds (does not correct with protamine sulfate.)

 Additional Test Information



Factor V Leiden:                   PCR
Prothrombin 20210:            PCR
Antithrombin III:                    Chromogenic
All other coagulation test:  Clotting
Homocysteine:                     HPLC


Archived Ranges:Historical Reference Ranges


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